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Vancouver Island Based Insulation Company

Nick's Insulation is a locally owned and operated business. Nick has over ten years experience in the insulation field. Insulation can help to lower your hydro bill not only in the winter but during the summer as well. Upgrading insulation can save small homeowners up to fifty percent on their hydro bill. A well insulated home also reduces your carbon foot print as it can keep your house cool in the summer saving you from using an air conditioning unit that emits harsh chemicals into the atmosphere. Nick's Insulation is WCB and WHMIS certified and has liability insurance for both commercial and residential buildings. All employees have mobile platform and fall protection certificates.


Blow-in Insulation

Batting and Poly

Vermin Clean-out

Crawl Space Clean Out

Fibreglass Blow-in insulation is used in the attics of homes. Blow-in insulation is most often the best choice of insulation in attics because Batt insulation does not totally fill the space of an attic. 

Batt insulation is the most versatile type of insulation usually going in walls and ceilings. Poly is used as a air and vapor barrier. 

Removal and replacement of any vermin infected insulation. This also includes the blocking of any entry ways the vermin have. 

The removal and replacement of any old insulation in a crawl space.

Attic Removal

Styrofoam Insulation

Rod & Caulk for Windows

New & Existing Homes

The removal and replacement of any old insulation in an attic. 

Styrofoam insulation is mainly used in crawl spaces against the concrete walls, but it does have various other uses. 

Rod and Caulking around windows is used as insulation and a sealant.

Nick's Insulation services new as well as exitsting homes all over Vancouver Island

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